David Roberts
Photographs: David Roberts
April, 2012

(4WaySite: In 1968 CSN were rehearsing on Moscow Road, London were they took a small apartment.)

No.16 Moscow Road, at the junction with Salem Road in London’s Bayswater area is CSN decamped in the early Winter of 1968

No.16 Moscow Road, London. Screen capture from Google Maps ©

The tiny top floor flat was where the three practiced songs from what would become their debut album while entertaining visitors including The Beatles.

Screen capture from Google Maps ©

Nearby there was a sign that hung in the window near the butcher’s counter in the store next to their small apartment. It read, “All Joints Must Be Re-Weighed at Time of Purchase”.

David Crosby wanted that sign to display in the flat’s window. So, on his next shopping trip Graham Nash went up to the butcher and said: “I’ll have four pork chops, that piece of lamb roast, half-pound of liver and that sign”.

And, I’d love to know whether David or Graham kept that sign!

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